We’re a GTA server for Minecraft Bedrock Edition, offering you an special gameplay with lots of features! GrandTheftMCPE is filled with many people ready to fight you in PVP. Come play with us and start your experience wether as a criminal or fight for law and order as a cop in our City Los Vamos!

Collect lots of cool items like guns and explosives! You can get them from loot crates that are placed all over the map, such as from obtaining special kits that are acessible through different ranks. Kill your enemies to steal their equipment, or buy your own weapons at Ammunation.

Buy and sell items at Ammunation

Get higher killstreaks to achieve different rank ups with special gains! Fight yourself to the top and become the new Most Wanted!
Criminal ranks like Gangster, Capo, Underboss or Mafiaboss are waiting for you!
Want to keep a career as a Police Officer? Give your best and maybe even become the Chief of Police.

Hook up with gangs! Besides getting rank ups, collecting items and earning money, you can join gangs and enjoy the game with your teammates! Once you got up to 51 wanted levels you will be able to create your own gang and pick your members. Fill your gang with up to 15 members and set a gang home for you to meet up.

Residential area in Los Vamos

Need a location to stay at? Search for a land and buy the house of your choice. Invite your friends and design your house however you want with blocks from our blockshop. You are able to store all of your stuff in the chests that are included. Staying inside of your land will protect you from enemies and external damage.

Buy blocks to decorate your land at the block shop
Most Wanteds sorted by Wanted Level

To earn money rewards you need to kill wanted serial killers as well as hard-working cops. Working as a cop will also bring you in a bit of money when you’re doing your job right and kill criminals. Kill players that got a bounty on their head to get additional rewards. If you’re a lucky one you can collect coinbombs (each worth $1000) which are dropped when a player wins it at the vote crate. You can also try to sell items at our black market and trade with other players. Selling items that you’ve collected from loot crates at Ammunation is also possible.

Voting for our server also brings you a bit money. All benefits for voting include:

- Money ($2000), Tokens (3)*  and some food
- Permissions for /kit voter
- Permissions for /bp2
- No loss of gang membership on death
- Half cooldown time of the /kit command
- A chance to become TopVoter
- Sell up to 2 items in the black market
- 5 minutes car-rental time for free
- Voter exclusive vehicles

*Redeem your tokens at the vote crate at spawn and win cool prices

If you're interested in more information about our server feel free to read our recent FAQ here.