Like guns? Like pvp? Like Mcpe? Like Non Pay To Win?

GrandTheftMCPE is filled with many people ready to fight you in pvp so get ready! GrandTheftMCPE has guns, gangs, explosives, houses, money, and many other great things! Come play with us! ?

–= Things to know =–
This may be a gta server **But we don’t allow Profanity/Cursing! Hacking on our server will leave you with instant ban! Scamming is legal but scamming with real life money Isn’t!

–= What the server is about =–
This is a pvp server where you have to pvp to the top! We have cool ranks you receive from getting certain kills in a row! Criminal, Murderer, Gangster, Capo, Underboss, and Mafiaboss! Like to protect the innocent? Well vote for our server for the ability to use /cop to become a cop and get promoted to become the best cop!

–= Our Discord =–

–= How to get Money =–
Money is sometimes hard to get at times, but I’ll tell you how to get money!

  • Killing Serial Killers – Killing People with 6+ Wanted level will give you some money.
  • Coin Bombs – By voting you will get 3 tokens to use at the vote chest ,but sometimes you could get coin bombs from the vote chests! You Get $1000 for each coin bomb (This includes the whole server)
  • Selling Stuff to people – Sell items to others to make some money!
  • Winning giveaways – On our discord we host many giveaway with sometimes involving money!

–= Gang Help =–
You can only create a gang once your become capo rank (51 kills). If you cant make a gang at capo, relogging might fix the problem.

– Made By Admin PokemonMaster9m