Bugs & Wishes

Staff Aplication


Hi, my name is Dezten and my mcpe username is CoolDestroyer55.

I have access to your discord server and you mc server. I Love to help people and catch hackers (and theres tons on your server that I can help with) You Can contact me for further information at my discord, my username is 2CoolForMe#7676

Oh and btw I have plenty of experience with staff, I even own a server and I have never hacked on your server, I have only hacked to troll on my server.

I would never have any intention of hacking on your server or griefing it.


Hello ... I have been banned unfairly !!! I was playing with my cousin I from the tablet and him from the phone ... And they fought among us but often did not work well the commands and the staff of your server thought that was farm kill! And after all this you have also banned me permanently from all accounts. Can you sban me please?